Habitat restoration and conservation in the 4 natura 2000 sites

Installation of 746 m of boardwalks and 4,887 m of fences

Restoration of continuity of dune cordons for 3,000 m

Redevelopment of approximately 93,000 square metres of shifting dune habitats (2110-2120) by planting 35,000 species seedlings

Redevelopment of about 920,000 m2 of fixed dunes habitats

Strengthening of Stipa veneta* populations by planting 1,630 new individuals produced from seed

Eradication of IAS Oenothera stucchii

Nursery production

Multiplication of native plants:

  • collection of native seeds
  • seed processing
  • sowing in microcells
  • transplant in pot
  • cultivation in outdoor nursery until the transplant on the dunes


Monitoring of anthropogenic threats

Monitoring the target-species habitats and populations

Monitoring the project impact of on the ecosystem functions

Monitoring the project socio-economic impact

Ecological awareness


  • Informing about the dune ecosystems
  • Advise about the adoption of correct behavior
  • Promoting of the Life Program and the Natura 2000 Network
  • Disseminating the acquired scientific knowledge
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Environmental education

  • ironmental education 77 environmental education events for tourists and citizens
  • 8 educational events about Oenothera stucchi and other invasive alien species dedicated to tourists and citizens
  • 5 training meetings addressed to tour operators and representatives of stakeholders
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Long-term beach management agreements

    • Informative and training meetings addressed to tour operators and representatives of stakeholders (campsites, non-profit associations, bathing establishments, municipal technical offices)


    • Signing of a memorandum of understanding by public administrations to ensure a sustainable beach management


Replication and transfer

Replication on the territory

  • Sistemazioni Idrauliche Forestali (SIF) of Regione Veneto -> selective thinning in habitats 2270 and 2130 and control of the invasive species Oenothera stucchii.
  • Life Forestall Project -> assembling and installation of bundles along the embankment of canals within the WWF oasis of Valle Averto, a fishing valley in the Venice lagoon.
  • Centro Vacanze Opera Nascimbeni at Cavallino Treporti -> eradication of invasive alien species.
  • Camping Marina di Venezia at Cavallino Treporti -> riqualification of dune belts within the area.
  • Camping Capalonga at bibione -> conservation of dune habitats.
  • Istituto Comprensivo Chioggia 5 -> riqualification of an ancient dune present in the Institute’s garden.

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Collaboration with projects and initiatives that contribute to the protection of coastal ecosystems

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