The first meeting of the project partners took place in Mestre at the Aula Edificio Z of the Campus Universitario -Via Torino 155, 30172 Venice.

During the meeting, the partners presented their own structure and role within the project, planned the activities defining a working methodology, a timetable and a method of management and execution of the activities.


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The project coordinator Ca Foscari University took part in the launch event of the projects funded under the Life 2016 @Brussels call, to present the project strategy that will contribute to the rehabilitation and enhancement of 5 dune habitats in 4 Natura 2000 sites along the Veneto coast.

Second technical inspection LIFE REDUNE @Vallevecchia 15/011/2017

On 15 November 2017, the second technical inspection organised within the framework of the LIFE REDUNE project took place. Here are our partners involved in the design of restoration and conservation interventions on dune habitats within the project area. Together with the project partners, representatives of Legambiente Veneto also participated in the inspection.

III LIFE Redune inspection @Comune di Cavallino Treporti

On 22 November 2017 the third technical inspection took place on the Cavallino Treporti Peninsula, organised within the framework of the LIFE Redune project.

Here are the representatives of our partnership gathered for the inspection, in order to define and plan the implementation of recovery and conservation actions envisaged by the programme.

The Deputy Mayor Francesco Monica, the Councillor for the Environment Arch. Nicolò D'Este and the Municipal Architect Arch. Gaetano di Gregorio of the Municipality of Cavallino Treporti attended the meeting.

LIFE REDUNE PROJECT PRESENTATION CONFERENCE @Auditorium Danilo Mainardi, 23 February 2018

We are pleased to announce the conference organised in the framework of the LIRE REDUNE Project, which will be held on

Friday 23 February 2018

from 09.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

at the Danilo Mainardi Auditorium - Campus of Via Torino, 155 - Mestre (Venice).

The project partners - University of Venice Cà Foscari (coordinator), SELC applied biology and geology, EPC srl, Agenzia Veneta per l'innovazione del settore primario, Regione Veneto - Project Structure Regional Strategy for Biodiversity and Parks - will present the objectives, characteristics and impacts of the LIFE REDUNE project.

Moreover, during the conference the state of dune ecosystems in Italy and Veneto will be presented and the interventions to be carried out in the 4 years of the project will be described.

The following speakers will take part in the conference: Alicia Teresa Rosario Acosta (University of Roma Tre) with a presentation on sandy coastal ecosystems; Rossella Boscolo Brusà (ISPRA) with the LIFE LAGOON REFRESH project for the improvement of the coastal lagoons habitat.

To take part in the event it is necessary to register at this link:


Action A2: II meeting with stakeholders @Municipality of Heraclea

On 30 January 2018 at 14.30 at the headquarters of the Municipality of Heraclea, the first consultation meeting was held with the stakeholders involved in the conversation actions of the project.

The following participated in the meeting representing the Municipality of Heraclea:

  • Patrizia Furlan (Councillor Ecology-Environment, Culture);
  • .

  • Lorenzo Ghirardo (Ecology and Environment Office Manager);
  • Micaela Gessi (Ecology and Environment Office Manager)

During the meeting, Gabriella Buffa (Ca' Foscari University - project coordinator) briefly presented the objectives, programme and impacts of LIFE REDUNE, highlighting the high naturalistic value of the areas involved, the need to direct the flow of tourists in favour of the conversation of the species and the fundamental role that municipalities play in ensuring the sustainability of the actions undertaken.

Subsequently, each project partner introduced its role and responsibilities in the implementation of the project. Mauro Giovanni Viti (Veneto Region) presented the role of the Veneto Region, both technical and in coordination with local authorities and stakeholders, highlighting the need to discuss with the municipalities involved on the most appropriate way to carry out the interventions, maintain the use of the beaches and actions to raise awareness among tourists. Federico Carollo (EPC srl) illustrated the phases and timeframes related to the final and executive design, focusing on those that will see a greater involvement of municipal administrations. Marco Baldin (SELC) introduced the topic of coastal protection, taking up the guidelines of the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Food and Forestry (MATTM), in particular with regard to the indication of adopting non-rigid measures and reinforcing the dune belts for both naturalistic and hydrogeological defence purposes. Finally, Roberto Fiorentin (VA) introduced the theme of species planting (ammofila and other species envisaged), briefly illustrating the institutional activities of Veneto Agricoltura and stressing the difficulty of recreating a plant in a nursery, starting from seed and therefore the challenge that the project poses.

The Municipality of Eraclea underlined the strategic importance of the LIFE REDUNE project for the territory and reiterated its willingness to collaborate with the partnership.


A profound thank you to the project partners, speakers and moderators, who with their experience and expertise have made the scientific debate on the sustainable management of dune ecosystems intense, bringing to the participants, through discussion and debate, the possibility of educational and professional enrichment.

Gabriella Buffa (Ca' Foscari University, project coordinator).
Mauro Giovanni Viti (Veneto Region, Proproject Regional Strategy of Biodiversity and Parks, project partner)
Roberto Fiorentin (Veneto Agency for innovation in the primary sector, project partner)
Federico Carollo (EPC srl, project partner)
Francesco Scarton(SELC, project partner)
Alicia Teresa Rosario Acosta (University of Roma Tre)
Rossella Boscolo Brusà (ISPRA - LIFE LAGOON REFRESH)

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Spring Festival at the Natural History Museum of Venice

Life REDUNE participates in the Spring Festival to be held at the Museum of Natural History in Venice (Fontego dei Turchi) Sunday, March 18 from 10 am to 6 pm We look forward to seeing you! Click here to see the programme of the event! For information:

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