JINEN | regenerative forest

The installation “JINEN | regenerative forest ”is a circular architecture project that began in May and ended on December 1st, with a ceremony to return the seedlings to Vallevecchia in Venice. Thus begins a second phase of the JINEN project which, after having been carefully uninstalled, is reborn again in a different place.
Based on the oriental concept of “Jinen (occurring by itself)”, Tono Mirai’s earthen architectural work “Regenerating Forest – JINEN” symbolically represents the regenerating Venetian “forest” with the theme of circulation.. The work of art is in fact a structure made with natural materials: earth, wood and bamboo that symbolize the city of Venice and the Venetian ecosystem. The installation encourages viewers to reflect on a lifestyle in perfect harmony with nature.

The work was exhibited at the “Time Space Existence” exhibition organized by the ECC (European Cultural Center), a collateral event of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia.