Socio-economic impact monitoring | Questionnaire for Tour Operators

In line with the activities envisaged within the project, during the ex-post monitoring, questionnaires were administered to tour operators with the main purpose of collecting information relating to economic activity, environmental education services and services eco-tourism offered, and on the perception of the dune environment in relation to one’s business.

From the analyzes conducted on the information collected through the questionnaires, it emerged that in 2021 there was a 21% increase in the number of stakeholders offering or recommending naturalistic activities, mainly represented by guided excursions in natural areas. This increase could be correlated with the actions of the project, and in particular with the organization of guided excursions in dune environments and the installation of information signs, and is reflected in an increase in visitor participation in these activities.

Another important result that emerged from the questionnaires is the increase in the number of stakeholders who declared that they know the sites of the Natura 2000 ecological network. Also in this case it is important to mention the contribution of the Life Redune project for awareness and dissemination activities, not only for visitors but also tour operators.

As regards the relationship between dune environments and tourist facilities, a decrease in the number of tour operators has emerged, who do not see any link with dune environments and their own activities. Furthermore, although the percentage of stakeholders who benefit from the dunes remained unchanged, an increase was found among tour operators who claim to be able to contribute to the conservation of the dune environments, a sign of greater awareness and awareness.