Change of attitude in the use of the beaches

The supervision of the dune sites and the awareness of those who frequent them have led to encouraging results in terms of limiting anthropogenic disturbance. The coordination between the staff of the LIFE Redune project and the associations operating in the area has made it possible to share with tourists and stakeholders good practices for a sustainable use of the beaches, allowing the coexistence between use of the beach and conservation of dune ecosystems. With the 2018-2021 environmental education activities, over 8,300 tourists and residents (adults and children of elementary, middle and high schools) were reached and, thanks to the solicitations of the LIFE Redune project in coordination with public bodies, a condition was restored of normality even where a situation of strong anthropogenic pressure had emerged.

The experience of the LIFE Redune project therefore highlights the value of communication, environmental education and active control of dune sites. In order for these actions to be of support to the concrete actions for the restoration of dune habitats, it is necessary that these are implemented well in advance of the concrete actions, so as to create the social and cultural conditions necessary to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the project. These activities will represent an important chapter in the after LIFE plan.